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Return of the USS Charles F. Adams (DDG-2)

The following just came out from John E. O'Neil, Jr. of the JHNSA

Navy Friends and Friends of the NAVY, I am pleased to forward to you our newest video the

"Return of the USS Charles F. Adams (DDG-2)"

that is hitting the Fleet this week about the return of the USS Adams to Jacksonville (Mayport) her former home port.

Please view our video at http://vimeo.com/96202134 and take a moment to reflect upon how far we have come to get to this point. Special thanks to Ray Hays and his outstanding production team, along with our CEO, Joe Snowberger, who put this incredible piece of video together.

All of you are strong supporters of the Navy and Military. You can support the return of USS Adams for the public to visit and even spend the night! Please visit www.USSADAMS.COM, or better yet please send your financial support to
USS Charles F. Adams (DDG-2) Visitor Center,
The Jacksonville Landing, Suite 144
2 Independent Drive,
Jacksonville, Florida 32202

Continuing, even though we have city leaders, companies and individuals firmly committed to this fine historical project, we have an immediate need for a strong influx of cash as our timeline for obtaining the ship from the NAVY has been accelerated to November 2014.

Although we have not asked the City of Jacksonville for money, the City - Mayor Alvin Brown and the City Council - graciously passed and signed legislation to provide a downtown berth site for a minimum of 10 years!

Summing up:
- We have gone through the requirements to get the ship released from the Navy;
- The City of Jacksonville is licensing the USS Adams naval warship as a floating museum for a minimum of 10 years at a berth in Downtown Jacksonville (at the Maxwell House Coffee Plant) for ONE Dollar per year;
- We are designing the new berth right now and will go out with an RFP to construct it;

- We have strong cost estimates and bids for
- the tow,
- the dry dock work and painting,
- marine insurance,
- berth refurbishment
- marketing the project and
- have strong political support

Finally, we have significant naming and direct sponsoring opportunities for specific weapons systems, berthing compartments or engineering spaces of the USS Adams.

Please email or call me to schedule a short meeting to review how you and your friends can get the USS Adams back home this winter.

All the best, John

"Bring Home the ADAMS"

John E. O'Neil, Jr.
Executive Director
Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association (JHNSA)
H- 904-221-7348

The ex-USS Charles F. Adams (DDG-2) has been designated as a National Historic Site.



On April 1, 2014 JHNSA Board leadership hired Joe Snowberger as its full-time independent consultant. Simply put, Joe will be responsible for the overall daily operation of the JHNSA and will report to the JHNSA Board. For the last three years Joe has served as the Vice President of JHNSA and had devoted considerable time voluntarily working on the project to bring the USS Charles F. Adams DDG-2 back to Jacksonville as a ship museum. He will now be working full time as we approach completion of the lease agreement with City for the Shipyard pier site.


Currently JHNSA and ACVA are working to meet two deadlines NAVSEA 21 has established for review of their joint Donation Application to bring the ex-USS Charles F. Adams DDG-2 to Jacksonville, Florida. By the end of April an update is required including:

  1. 1) the City of Jacksonville's commitment to execute a ten year lease for the museum site,
  2. 2) the engineering and environmental requirements to obtain legal access to the site,
  3. 3) the breakdown of all capital costs and documented cost estimates necessary to establish the ship museum at the concrete bulkhead pier, and
  4. 4) the documented proof of the financial support to meet all of the capital costs above.

Currently all of these required items are being assembled for submission to NAVSEA.

In addition, a completely revised Donation Application for the new shipyard site needs to be submitted to NAVSEA 21 for their review by June 30, 2014.

Northbank Concrete Pier at Shipyard Site


All ACVA members are urged to provide donations to our effort to bring the Adams home to Jacksonville. This year will be our last opportunity to make our many years of work reality. In addition, all ACVA veterans are requested to go to our Volunteer link on the web site and provide your skills, experience and capability to assist us with the restoration of the ship. All veterans who have changed addresses and email contact information, please submit those updates to Dave Myerly, our Secretary.

NEWS UPDATE February 12, 2014

It appears that there have been a few changes in the way project news is broadcast. I can't get in touch with anyone to confirm this (which in itself is an issue), but I'll do the best I can, so here goes.

#1 - The primary source for news about the project is still the JHNSA website http://www.adamsclassmuseum.org/.

#2 - The secondary source is the project's Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AdamsClassNavalShipMuseum. As far as I can tell, you can still see at least part of that page even if you are not part of Facebook.

#3 - The ACVA website http://www.adamsclassddgvets.org/ is now just a holding area for forms and whatever, I guess. I have not received an "official" update for that site in over 4 months, in spite of the fact that we have apparently received over $15,000 in donations.

#4 - This website, which I do for the Adams herself http://www.ddg-2.org, is also dependent on news coming in from ACVA/JHNSA leaders, so I haven't updated it for a while, either.

Sorry for the lack of information but that all comes from above my pay grade. ;-)

Jim Bosworth


A recent photo of the Adams in Philly, provided by Steve Roads. Click on the image below for a full sized version:


The following comes from Jim Aldrich, VP of the ACVA. Since I was NOT told to keep this message under wraps, here it is:

Hi fellow ACVA Board Members …

As Bob said, I was there in Jax this past Friday, and Saturday….. I thought I might offer some “eye witness” observations so you might be able to get a fuller appreciation for what is going on there.

1. The Jaxtoberfest was held from Friday 3pm-10pm, and Saturday 10 am – 11 pm. I was only there on Friday, but I would say that it was very well attended… probably several thousand folks. It was held on the Shipyards land, which is now all a nice lawn area, with the piers that we plan to use for the Adams berth on the south side of the lawn, and the Maxwell House coffee plant across the street from the lawn area to the north. The place is ideal for outdoor events, such as this, to have July 4th, Labor Day, Veterans Day, etc celebrations and other events which could definitely benefit the ADAMS Class Museum. JHNSA had a central spot, with a fenced off area covered by 3 or 4 big white tents. People had to have tickets to get into the JHNSA area, either a $125 ticket (for 5:30 PM VIP admission) , or a $50 ticket for later admission. It was catered, and very nice. The last count I saw indicated over 500 people paid to get into this JHNSA area… so JHNSA definitely made some money. There was a band early on, and a DJ later. There were lots of JHNSA fundraising activities in this area - maritime paintings and sketches from local artist, a book signing, a “50/50” raffle, a picture booth, etc. The place was packed, quite frankly… and it did not close down until 10 PM Friday night. One really impressive thing was the vast number of JHNSA volunteers working there – I’d say there were over 25 volunteers working there… selling tickets, gate-keeping so free-loaders did not get in, talking to people about the Adams museum idea, etc. I was very impressed also with the way JHNSA people were explain to “walk-ups” what JHNSA is all about, and the idea of setting up Adams as a ship museum.

2. Saturday there was a JHNSA Meeting, and once again, I was impressed with the number and the caliber of the many people that are on the JHNSA Board now… I think the JHNSA Board now has over 30 people, and many, if not all, are very enthusiastic and engaged. This is exactly what we had hoped for many years ago when we met on TeamSpeak back in the 2005, and 2006 timeframe !!

3. I also visited the Adams Class Museum store in Jacksonville Landing. Pat Stroud (Master Chief, retired) continues to make improvements, and the place is still doing well. It looks great, and thanks to Craig Bernat, there are new items in the store – radar repeaters, etc.

4. Dan Bean announced that the DIA (Downtown Investment Authority) had committed to formally support the Adams Class Museum with a formal resolution, maybe as soon as tomorrow (WED). This is important because the DIA was commissioned by the Mayor of Jax !! This is also VERY important BECAUSE several potential donors (possibly BIG donors) said they would donate IF the DIA supposed JHNSA !!

5. Dan thinks we have a real chance to get ADAMS to Jax by within a year… so he has set into motion plans to revise the DONAPP, ramp up the fundraising with key people in Jax, etc.


Now you are as "up to date" as I am.


JHNSA's tireless efforts to obtain Jacksonville City Council approval to locate the Adams Class Naval Ship Museum at the shipyard site on the north bank of the St. Johns River continue with key City decisions due to be made in August. The revised Ordinance 2013-408 to place the ex-USS Charles F. Adams DDG-2 at the solid bulkhead pier was submitted to the Council on June 11, 2013 by City Council President Bill Bishop. The ordinance would allow the ship museum to be placed there for no less than 10 years, and it has already been realized by many downtown organizations and businesses as a great positive tourist attraction for the City.

On June 25th the Public Hearing and first reading of the Ordinance was held by the City Council with JHNSA President Daniel Bean and twenty enthusiastic supporters present. More committee meetings to address the ordinance revision will be held before the final vote. At this time, new President of the City Council Bill Gulliford, Councilman Bishop and at least 8 other council members support the revision of the ordinance.

Local Jacksonville development designer and community planner Chris Flagg has worked with the JHNSA to provide design concepts for the ship museum with the graphic art work below.

Our long time supporter Mr. W.W. "Bill" Gay has obtained several supporters willing to help us guarantee almost half of the required line of credit needed to get through the first steps of bringing the Charles F. Adams to Jacksonville - ship restoration, berthing site preparation, tow of the ship, volunteer restoration/preparation of museum displays, and opening the museum for the first year of operation. Financial support and volunteers from ACVA veterans are still needed to help make the museum development a reality. The new Downtown Jacksonville site is less costly and will enable more tourist visits to help the local economy and local businesses.


Check out the ACVA website for a report from the recent DDG-2 reunion.



Adams involved in Caribbean Drug bust

The following was passed on to me by Ed Sizemore, Senior Instructor, Firearms Division, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

I am attaching copies of the photo taken of my USCG LEDET (ironically designated LEDET 7-KILO) after our cocaine seizure during the last cruise of the CHARLES F. ADAMS to the Caribbean. It was taken in the Commodore’s Cabin which was assigned to me during this deployment. Since over twenty years have passed and I have lost track of most of my team over the years, I feel that it is safe to identify this photo as ‘LTJG Ed Sizemore and LEDET 7-K of Mayport, FL.

Next year will mark my thirty-fifth year in government service – eight years with the U.S. Navy, twelve years with the Coast Guard, and fifteen years with the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center with eight more years remaining before I anticipate retiring (again). I will always look at my time aboard the ADAMS as one of the high points of my service as a LEDET Officer-in-Charge. Of all the Navy ships that I have ridden over the years, the ADAMS was a true classic among ships.



Early in October 1962, the first Soviet SS-4 missiles arrived in Cuba, and American U-2 spy planes discovered them almost at once. President John F. Kennedy knew about them by October 16, but he did not go on television and warn the American public of the risk of nuclear war until October 22, 1962 when he announced a naval blockade of Cuba until Soviet missiles were removed during the Cuban missile crisis.

President John F. Kennedy making a national television speech from Washington

President Kennedy said that the naval blockade of Cuba would stop Soviet ships carrying further missiles from reaching Cuba by force if necessary. That would mean war, and probably nuclear war, but at least the blockade gave the Russians some time to think before the shooting started.

Naval forces under the U.S. Atlantic Command, headed by Admiral Robert L. Dennison (CINCLANT), steamed out to sea, intercepting not only merchant shipping en route to Cuba, but Soviet submarines operating in the area as well. U.S. destroyers and frigates, kept on station through underway replenishment by oilers and stores ships, maintained a month-long naval "quarantine" of the island of Cuba. The crisis was officially over by October 28, and everybody breathed a sigh of relief. It was the closest the world ever came to an all-out nuclear war.

Three new Adams Class Destroyers participated in the naval blockade:
USS Charles F. Adams (DDG-2), 24 Oct - 30 Nov 62.
USS Lawrence (DDG-4), 24 Oct - 6 Dec 62.
USS Sellers (DDG-11), 24 Oct - 21 Nov 62

Adams/Tattnall Reunion

Begin making plans now to attend our first DDG-2 reunion since 2004
We have been invited by Rich Harmon, DDG-19 Reunion Coordinator
to be part of a "Combined Reunion with the USS Tattnall DDG-19 and
USS Waddell DDG-24.

Dates - April 14-18, 2013 - To be held at Crown Plaza Hotel, Jacksonville, FL.

DDG-2 Message Forum

I have added a direct link to the DDG-2 Message Forum in the Menu Bar (above), in hopes that it will get more use.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Over the next few days, those of you who visit the JHNSA website will notice some big changes. The JHNSA has decided to use a local (Jacksonville, Florida) "professional" website developer to build, host and maintain their website. The advantages are:

(a) they will be able to deal with their webmaster face-to-face
(b) the company they are using can offer much more in the way of "bells and whistles" then I can, and
(c) they have trained professional website and graphics people on their staff.

In addition, this company has donated their services to the JHNSA.

The basic URL for the JHNSA site will stay the same, either http://www.adamsclassmuseum.org/ or http://www.adams2jax.org The "look" of the site will change quite a bit.

I will no longer be the webmaster for the JHNSA - however I will continue as webmaster for this site (since I own it), and for the ACVA website (I think).

Thank you.


Monday, August 1, 2011

To All ACVA Members from Bob Branco:

The ACVA Board and I want to thank you for the tremendous support you have given our effort during the past several years. Your donations from individuals and ship associations have made it possible for us to get the professional support required to submit an outstanding Donation Application to NAVSEA as well as obtain the needed technical support to complete engineering and environmental work in Jacksonville for obtaining the City of Jacksonville's approval of the site next to the Acosta Bridge. The attached newsletter describes the hard work of the ACVA and the JHNSA teaming together to have the USS CHARLES F. ADAMS donated to become the Adams Class Naval Ship Museum in Jacksonville.

In addition to meeting with Governor Rick Scott and the staff of new Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown JHNSA President Dan Bean has recently updated NAVSEA's Captain Chris Pietras on our project efforts at the Navsea office. The discussions have all been positive and the key step at this point is getting significant fund raising accomplished over the next several months to keep the ship on Donation Hold. JHNSA is working with many key Jacksonville businesses and public figures to obtain the donations to expand the fund raising campaign in north Florida. All of you have been key to our success and we thank you for the support you have given us...Bob

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I have completed the purchase of the DDG-2.com, DDG-2.net and DDG-2.org domains. The DDG-2.org domain is now the primary site. You can use any of those URL's, (including the old BozAir one) they will automatically redirect you to this site.

The purpose behind this was to protect this site from outsiders who might try to corrupt it, and to make it easier to transfer this site to someone else if/when I can no longer keep it up. In addition, when you are referring your friends and fellow shipmates to this site, it will be much easier to just say DDG-2.org then to say http://www.bozair.com/DDG-2/index.html - or whatever.

Friday, May 20, 2011

MORE New photos up on the "Photos" page. These are some of the sharpest B&W photos we've ever received.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New photos up on the "Photos" page, compliments of Larry Bassett.